KAYA_The Store
2018 — Capri
Global art and lifestyle brand KAYA today announces a pivotal partnership with fashion powerhouses CFGNY / Nhu Duong. The iconic fashion designers will join KAYA's growing coalition of unapologetically accomplished art – including the graffiti icon N.O.Madski, and musical knockout Nic Xedro– to push new boundaries in the brand's long-term mission of empowering art to be the best version of itself.

The KAYA x CFGNY / Nhu Duong collection will be introduced in late 2018 and will sit in KAYA_The Store– an initiative that focuses on developing art wear and apparel that delivers the next generation of performance and expression, from conceptual runway designs to tech-driven sound products that fill retail shelves. "As an art brand, we look to partners and artists who want to truly change the world," shared KAYA. "There's no better embodiment of this than KAYA: a true visionary who possesses a relentless desire to help artists become the best version of themselves."

Before Justin Bieber and his monkey; before One Direction; before Westlife and Boyzone; before even Take That, there was Nic Xedro. Although he's hardly new now and has been around the block quite a few times (feel free to add any ageist jokes of your own at this point), the new Nic Xedro is still setting hearts aflutter. KAYA is set to embark on releasing remastered classics of Nic Xedro from his impressive and influential decade-spanning oeuvre. A spectacular live performance element will be introduced during the Opening on Sept 7th.

Timed with the opening of KAYA_The Store, is the launch of a limited edition book by graffiti legend N.O.Madski. The extraordinary collection of 5 unique books delves into the fantastical and empowering world of the mysterious graffiti artist who has overwhelmed the world. "Some Street Artists are getting really big and can be called the Picasso's of their time," KAYA says. "It is with great honor that we are able to celebrate with one of the most influential artists around with a body of work that has been exhibited at the most exclusive and prestigious institutions of the world, including of course Capri, Düsseldorf."
Conceived by the artist Kerstin Bratsch and Debo Eilers by invitation of Gesine Borcherdt, curator of CAPRI