2018 — 47 Canal
"New Fashion II" looks at The Bootleg and Cuteness as strategies to present an idea of "Asian-ness." An everyday facet of life in Asia - including Vietnam, where CFGNY produces its clothes - the bootleg in New York brings forth images of Chinatown and its illicit trade in designer bags. Outside of the west, the implications of the bootleg differ, its aspirational longings shed. The value of original and replica are leveled and mistranslation becomes a positive.

Cuteness also plays a large role in the culture of many Asian countries. It can be read as a sign of weakness, docility, and childishness, but who can resist a bright smile and large eyes that call out to you on an instinctual level? What kind of intervention can happen in that space between the urge to draw closer the object of cuteness and the feeling of utter disgust?
Alex Harrington

Styling Assistants
Megan Soria
Sidney Munch
Ayaka Baba

Stevie Huynh

Makeup Assistants
Sammy Kim
Grace Fong
Juliette Perreux
Stephanie Perez

Chika Nishiyama

Hair Assistants
Yohey Nakatsuka
Izumi Sato
Yu Nakata

Grace Ryung Kim

David Brandon Geeting

Photography Assistant
Iain McDonald

Minnie Bennett

Robyn Chan
Enzo Camacho
Henry Bae
Franky Tran
Angela Dimayuga
Nicholas Andersen
Trisha Baga
Huy Luong
Annie Lee Larson
Cynthia Leung
Doris Guo
Shaobo Han
Cici Wu
Tenaya Izu
Kirsten Kilponen
E.T. Chong
Joseph Bui
Karlo Bello
Margaret Lee
Andy Boyce
Avena Gallagher
Howie Chen
Robyn Chan
Special thanks to
47 Canal
Oliver Newton
Margaret Lee
Jamie Kenyon
Joe Heffernan
Moira Sims
Nick Fernandez
Xochitl Perez
Cynthia Leung
Sarah Chow
David Kirshoff
Lydia Rodrigues
Aidee Chan
Stephanie Tovar
Charriya Un
Truc Lam